1. The No-Bullshit Republic is based on the maximum freedom, minimal and efficient government, rule of law as defined in this constitution.
  2. Rule of law is defined as follows:
    1. all laws must adhere to this constitution
    2. laws are passed by the parliament which is chosen by popular vote (details coming up)
    3. all government actions must be based on law
    4. all people are born free and equal before the law.
    5. this constitution and the laws overrule religious law.
    6. single laws must fit to a single piece of A4/Letter sized paper and be understandable for 90% of the population.
  3. The role of government is limited to
    1. maintaining the rule of law
    2. maintaining security against external and internal threats
    3. maintaining physical infrastructure
    4. promoting the interests of the No-Bullshit republic internationally
  4. Explicitly, the government may not engage in
    1. welfare payments
    2. pension systems
    3. healthcare for people over the age of 18
    4. bailout programs
  5. There is no universal right to carry arms. While security is provided by the government, controlling of government is based on strong institutions. Like they do it in Europe.
  6. Freedom of information: there is
    1. freedom of thought
    2. absolute freedom of speech,
    3. freedom of religion (with the constraint of 2.4 & 2.5)
    4. freedom to collect information, applying to private as well as public.
  7. Freedom of trade: there is an absolute
    1. freedom of occupation, including but in no way limited to
      1. health care
      2. personal services
      3. financial services
    2. freedom of substance, including the right to produce, trade and consume psychoactive drugs