By the charter to the so-called "Constitutional Convention", the Continental Congress of the United States of America, charged its "States" to have a delegation draft "improvements" and "changes" to the Articles of Confederation. Such changes, could only be made into the governing law of the "States" by a unanimous vote of acceptance by all of them.

Instead, the delegates of those states met in secret, and made a wholly different document, with wholly different rules for "ratification" and hence disobeyed its directives and did not do what it was told. That the keepers of "History" and fable choose to declare the following "proceedings for Constitutional ratification" as in compliance, is but whitewash of a crafted sequence of events that we now accept. but we should not

That this activity was allowed to proceed, and indeed is allowed to continue today, means we are in our present actions and activites of government, entirely non Constitutional, non Confederational, and in direct violation of our last "legal document of governance", the Articles of Confederation.

From where ought we go now? Most would have us continue the lie. But where does that take us. Is it not to the here of now? And is that not wholly intolerable?